Bread of Life

    Bread of Life

    • Where Else Could We Go? View

      Graham Burkhart - August 23, 2015

      Part four of a four part series on Jesus: the Bread of Life from John 6
    • Food that Endures View

      Graham Burkhart - August 16, 2015

      Part 3 of a 4 part series on John 6
    • Bread from Heaven View

      Graham Burkhart - August 02, 2015

      This is the second message of a four part series on John 6. The focus here is that this bread is...
    • Sufficient for All View

      Graham Burkhart - July 26, 2015

      The first of a four part series on John 6 focusing on the Bread of Life. In this message the...

    Living Out Our Mission

    Living Out Our Mission

    • Thank You, Lord View

      Graham Burkhart - October 12, 2014

      While we frequently focus on the material blessing that God showers on us we must be careful that...
    • Sharing Jesus View

      Graham Burkhart - October 05, 2014

      Jesus commissioned his followers with the task of making disciples. In that commission there is...
    • Blessing Neighbours View

      Graham Burkhart - September 28, 2014

      The calling of Abraham included two blessings. The first blessing was that to be received by...
    • Joyfully Obedient View

      Graham Burkhart - September 21, 2014

      Part of our vision as a local church is that we would be Joyfully Obedient. That might look like...
    • Life in the Family View

      Graham Burkhart - September 14, 2014

      The mission of God's people is not simply a series of tasks but life in the family. Apart from...
    • God's Mission or Ours View

      Pastor Graham Burkhart - September 07, 2014

      Introductory to the short series on Living Out Our Mission is this brief look at the nature of...

    Living With Jesus

    Living with Jesus (Video)

    Jesus Way

    Jesus' Way (Video)

    • Reflecting God's Glory View

      Pastor Graham Burkhart - March 02, 2014

      Transfiguration Sunday is a time to consider the experience of Peter, James, and John when they...