A note from Pastor Graham!

    Welcome to the online meeting place of Bethel Evangelical Missionary Church. We are first of all a local church where followers of Jesus meet and work together in person. Our online presence affords both the opportunity to further connect with those who are already involved in the local congregation and the opportunity to extend a virtual hand of welcome to those who are not, or not yet, part of the Bethel family.

    Bethel Church is located a mere 2.8 kilometers west of the south-west corner of Kitchener ON. Consequently we are also located in close proximity to Cambridge and Waterloo as well. The Bethel family includes people from these cities as well as the surrounding townships.

    Bethel Church has been part of this area since before 1877. While the challenges and opportunities of ministry have changed, we remain faithful to the interest of our forbearers and reflect that in our core values and vision.

    Please use our ‘Contact Us’ page to introduce yourself, or if you are in our local area, we would be glad to meet you in person. If there is some way in which we could serve you, please let us know and we would be glad to connect you with many of the opportunities that are part of life at Bethel.