One of the most amazing things in the history of the world is that the God of the universe meets with people. Our logo celebrates this reality.

    Bethel is what Jacob called the place where God met with him (Genesis 28:19). Bethel means ‘house of God.’  here is one of the names by which God is called in the Old Testament. The fiery colours point to another time and place when one of Jacob’s celebrated descendants, Moses, met with God as He spoke to Moses from a burning bush and commissioned him to lead Jacob’s large family out of Egyptian bondage (Exodus 3).

    As awe inspiring and world changing as these meetings were, of even greater wonder and impact is that God, whom the apostle John describes as ‘The Word,’ made his dwelling among us (John 1:1-3, 14).
     The little roof in our logo points to the ‘house of God’ meaning of ‘Bethel’ but it also points to the fact that God’s own Son has come into our world.

    While New Dundee is not the only place in the world where people can meet with God, it is one of the unlimited number of places that God meets with people. This reality explains our existence and highlights the source of our call to mission so we thought it fitting for our logo as well.