Covid-19 Update


    Updated April 28, 2020

    It is hard to know at the present time how soon we can again have public meetings. What that means is that we will not be meeting until further notice.  

    Happily, the call for ‘social isolation/distancing’ has been changed to ‘physical isolation/distancing.’ We need contact more than ever but we need to do it in different ways. If you are wondering how someone is doing, pray for them and give them a call. We can all serve one another at this time. 

    If you, or someone you know, needs help to get groceries or other such things please let us know and we will try to use our network of people who are looking for something to do right now to help with that need. We have already had offers from people who would be glad to help in this way.

    In order to stay connected we are sending out a daily email which includes: The Way of Jesus training, a link to a daily song recommendation, and links to other resources.

    A link to Sunday Messages can also be found on this website.

    The practice of faith is not centralized. While we would like to be able to meet together, we know there is no central dispensary for the message of hope and peace. When we gather it is to equip everyone to be able to share Jesus. Now is the time to put this into practice. Those who have found hope and peace in Jesus have a wonderful opportunity to spread the good news of God’s love to others.

    Offerings could be sent by:
    1. e-transfer to (password is not necessary)
    2. Sent by mail to the church

    If you are sending an e-Transfer and you would like to specify where your tithes are going, use the memo line (ie. general, missions, quarterly project and benevolence). If you don't specify, it will go to the general fund.

    This season's quarterly project is Grace Project Africa.

    Graham Burkhart
    Lead Pastor